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Diamond Shield is The Guardian Angel for Your RV

Central Florida is a popular destination for RV owners. But as beautiful as it may be, the elements can be harsh on your beloved vehicle. We, at Florida Applied Films, have found the perfect solution to guard your RV against the ravages of the road: Diamond Shield.

So, what’s the magic behind Diamond Shield? This innovative product is an almost invisible protective film that clings gracefully to the exterior of your RV. While you might not notice it, it’s always there, tirelessly working to keep your RV’s painted surface looking fresh and flawless.

Let’s talk about those pesky stone chips. Nothing dampens an RV trip like returning home to find your vehicle’s paintwork chipped and tarnished. With Diamond Shield, those concerns become a thing of the past. This protective layer acts as a buffer, taking the brunt of any stones or debris that might come your RV’s way.

Florida’s sun, as lovely as it is, can be quite intense. UV rays are notorious for causing colors to fade over time. But with Diamond Shield’s UV protection, your RV’s vibrant colors remain unspoiled, shielded from the strong rays of the sun.

Bugs too can be a nuisance, leaving residues that tarnish the painted surface. But guess what? Diamond Shield ensures that these little critters don’t leave a lasting mark on your vehicle. And let’s not forget about those minor scrapes and abrasions that seem to appear out of nowhere. Our protective film has got that covered too!

While Diamond Shield maintains your RV’s aesthetics, it also plays a pivotal role in retaining its resale value. A vehicle in pristine condition naturally fetches a better price. Not only does Diamond Shield maintain your vehicle’s youthful charm, but it also offers peace of mind, knowing your RV is protected wherever you go.

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