Florida Applied Films is your one-stop professional solution to get your RV to look its very best. Our dedicated team will work tirelessly to give you great results after a thorough wash and detail job.

We have serviced thousands of RV clients around the nation with great customer satisfaction. We have a clean, safe environment to work on your RV and we use specifically designed equipment that allows us to deliver our clients the cleanest exteriors possible.

Many of our RV graphics clients request us to compound buff their unit to restore the surfaces to a “like new” condition. When replacing decal graphics, the BEST time to buff is after the old decals have been removed, and before the new ones go back on. When we complete the full process, the decals are new, and the RV surfaces are free of oxidation, and the entire exterior is sealed, protected and shiny. We call it “full exterior renovation”. Many of our clients have us remind them every 6 months or so to come back for a maintenance wash and wax.

Clients with newer, full-paint RV’s are increasingly requesting Ceramic Coating. Ceramic coating is a durable top layer that will last for years with proper maintenance. Its popular for the high shine it creates and the ease of cleaning the unit. We can even apply the Ceramic Coating over paint protection film (invisible bra) to greatly enhance the durability and shine on the film. ASK US what System X Ceramic Coating can do for your RV and other vehicles.

We also offer RV roof cleaning, without walking on the roof! This is accomplished by utilizing a scissors lift. The value of this approach is increasing safety for our team members, and dramatically reducing the chance of roof or seal damage. Regular roof cleaning decreases the staining that occurs when rainwater washes off the roof onto the walls of the coach.

As your RV ages, headlights will often get hazy. This detracts from the appearance of your coach, also decreasing the brightness of the light projected, making nighttime driving more dangerous. Traditional headlight restoration removes the haziness and makes the headlights shiny again. However, if a new topcoat is not applied to the lenses, they will quickly haze again. The Glasweld™ process we use first restores the original appearance to your headlights and then adds a protective layer to keep your headlights shiny and clear for years.

RVs often have scratches on the windshield from dirty or worn out wipers. These scratches often obscure the driver’s vision, especially in high-glare situations. We use Glasweld™ equipment and polishes to remove these scratches and restore proper driver visibility. We also repair scratches in other window locations.

RVs and autos often accumulate chips in the paint, mostly on the front end, but in other areas as well. We use the Dr. Color Chip™ touch up system to create almost invisible chip and scratch repairs.

Our owner and staff make it their business to keep up to date on the best, tested and proven detailing methods coupled with the leading cleaning product lines available. Call us now so we can discuss your needs and set an appointment for your RV exterior makeover!

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