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Preserving Your RV’s Beauty and Resale Value with Diamond Shield

Just about every RV owner wishes for two things: a vehicle that stands out and one that stands the test of time. At Florida Applied Films, we make both these wishes come true with our extraordinary Diamond Shield product.

As the miles rack up, so do the challenges for your RV. It could be the tiny stone that springs up, the bright sun bearing down, or those persistent bugs splattering across the front. These tiny threats, over time, can wear down the beauty of any vehicle. But with Diamond Shield, your RV remains untouched.

The magic of Diamond Shield lies in its invisibility. When we say it’s virtually invisible, we truly mean it. Once it’s on, you’ll forget it’s there, but its protective power never sleeps. Stone chips? They’re deflected. Harsh UV rays? Your RV’s paint stays vibrant and unharmed. Those bugs and minor scratches? They won’t find their way through to the paint beneath.

As RV enthusiasts ourselves, we understand how precious your vehicle is to you. It’s not just a mode of transportation; it’s a treasure trove of memories. And as these memories pile up, the value of your RV shouldn’t diminish. That’s where Diamond Shield shows its true value. By keeping the exterior in pristine condition, the resale value of your RV stays high, ensuring that you get the best return on your investment.

For RV owners in Central Florida and beyond, Diamond Shield from Florida Applied Films ensures beauty remains untouched, mile after mile.

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